Wrapping Machines Fully Automatic

Wrapping Machine Pallet Net Wrap L

The Contiring Compact is the first machine in a new series of stretch foil wrapping machines using ring wrapping technology in the semi automatic machine range or where lower capacities are required. This series falls in the same price range as the cling wrap wrapping machines with a revolving arm or revolving table but it does offer the benefits of a ring wrapping system. 

The Contiring Compact is an excellent solution up to a capacity of approximately 45 pallets/hour.

The Compact is equipped with the so called "tail tucker"-system, tucking the last piece of foil underneath the previous layer of foil when this reaches the end of the wrapping cycle. Safety railing and a pallet load stabilizer is available as an option with all designs. Therefore, you can use the machine for the application required by you.for example the Pallet Net Wrap. The Contiring Compact is available in a number of designs. See below.

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