What Is Gutter-Mesh

Rainforcement Net

The main function of Gutter-Mesh is to improve the lifespan of roof guttersand and allows rainwater to pass through. And the gutter mesh has features like Self Cleaning, keep the rainwater flowing freely off your roof and others.

Gutter-Mesh improves the lifespan of roof gutters by preventing leaves blocking and rusting out gutters. Gutter-Mesh allows rainwater to pass through while leaves and other debris is blown or washed off by the weather.

No more stump or foundation water damage. Leaves now fall to the ground instead of mulching in the gutters, clogging and causing overflow problems.

Gutter Mesh fits over the gutter in such a way that allows the wind to readily blow debris to the ground.

Self Cleaning - Small, fine matter that enters the gutter is washed away with the slightest rain.

Safety - The risks associated with balancing on a ladder metres above the ground and walking on your roof are eliminated. So too is getting your hands scratched and cut while cleaning your gutters.

Never worry about clogged gutters again with gutter leaf guards, the optimum gutter protection. Keep the rainwater flowing freely off your roof and down the downspout with gutter leaf guards.

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