US demand for extruded plastic mesh

Garlic Mesh

40 billion pounds in 2011 US demand for extruded net bag is forecast to rise 2.7 percent annually to ne-arly 40 billion pounds in 2011, valued at over $32 billion (resin content only). Resins will account for 40 percent of extruded plastic product costs. Extruded plastic advances will reflect the processes’ cost effectiveness, high throughput rates, technology improvements, processing ease and high volume uses. Further growth will be threatened by a slumping residential building construction segment. Extrusion will account for 42 

percent of all plastics processed in 2011. Construction, packing markets to remain dominant Construction and packaging markets together accounted for 78 percent of all extruded plastics demand in 2006. Construction opportunities will be based on plastic’s light weight, cost competitiveness, ease of extrusion and reduced maintenance requirements. Further growth will be constrained by a slumping residential building construction segment, which will particularly impact siding demand. Packaging advances will be driven by plastic’s low cost and excellent performance in blister packs and clamshells, as well as cups, bowls, plates and disposable packaging. Smaller extruded plastic markets include consumer goods, motor vehicles, industrial and medical. Polypropylene to exhibit fastest growth of all resins Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) together accounted for 60 percent of all extruded plastic demand in 2006. Extruded PVC demand will be fostered by the resin’s excellent performance and widespread use in pipe, siding, windows, fencing and other profiles. Faster growth is expected for LDPE based on the resin’s dominance of food packaging and other film applications. Polypropylene will post the fastest growth based on its low cost and opportunities in the production of packaging such as trays and other containers. Extruded high density polyethylene demand will exhibit good prospects in pipe, film, and wire and cable applications. Extruded polystyrene will remain a major player in disposable packaging applications.

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