Plastic Net Bag for Turtle

Shelled Net 1

This time, I’m going to talk about the plastic net bag for soft-shelled turtle. This kind of plastic net bag is designed for soft-shelled turtle. It is not only very fit for loading soft-shelled turtle, but also very convenient to people to take away. It is non-toxic, portable, ventilate and economical.

It is also fit for the standard of environment protection law completely, and safe to body, not only the soft-shelled turtle but also the human beings ourselves. The wire diameter is thicker than the others of products. Maybe you may think that it would be much more expensive. And actually it is really expensive, but just a little. However, the quality of the product is rather good. Don’t you believe that in the world there is ‘Good products, available prices’? No, definitely not. So there is no better and cheaper soft-shelled turtle plastic net bag except the soft-shelled turtle in good quality and reasonable price. Which kind of products will you select? I guess you must have already got a good idea. Do not hesitate, please. We believe that our good products can meet your demand.

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