Raschel bag systems

Rashel Bags On Roll L Pomelo Net Bag L

If you know something about plastic packing products, you must have found the advantages in using then. And, there might be various types, like raschel net bag, extruded net bag, which is a popularity and tubular net bag, etc.

Raschel bag systems are the cheapest, lightest, and the strongest systems to pack the vegetables and fruits. Automatic packing systems are tested before production and presenting to the markets.

Tube Net knitting systems are ideal for automatic packing the less weighted products.

Our raschel and tube net packing systems are the best solution for the agricultural products where the packed products have to take air, and gives to the product a long life on the market shelves.

Polinet Rachel Textile products like construction nets, agricultural nets, shade nets, protection nets, etc. are being used in many places in our daily life.

Also plastic bags, garbage bags, film producing, film cutting and HDPE yarn are other products, which we are supplying to the market.

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