Prevent Birds from Destroying Nature

Anti Bird Net1

An old saying, the early bird catches the worm. Hence we know birds eat worms. But birds eat not just worm, they also destroy fruit, crop, corn, etc. Birds destroy people’s labor work, people certainly will prevent them. 

Before I saw people insert a man of straw among a piece of field. We know birds are afraid of people, while a man of straw is like a person. Then the man of straw can help people drive birds away. I also saw people insert a piece of pole among a piece of field and tie a red plastic bag at the top of the pole, and wind would blow the red plastic bag. Birds are afraid of dynamic objects and the color of red plastic net bags is bright. So the measure can also make the effect.

But the two measures are difficult to take for fruit on trees or they can’t protect fruit completely. Ah……Anti bird netting is the best choice now. It is a mesh and it can cover a tree to protect the fruit on the tree. The anti bird netting can also cover a lot of plants. 

So birds can’t destroy nature again.

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