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This article first shows us that HVA International is specialised in developing and advising integrated livestock projects and in operational management. Then, the technology it's applied in production. It has a long history in tracking in poultry production. The meat and poultry bag is a related product. The HVA international also establishes Sudan and India.

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated livestock projects as well as in operational management, charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. Consequently, HVA International has adopted a result-oriented approach to training and transfer of technology, which has been highly successful in introducing modern animal production and processing practices world-wide.Plastic mesh like meat and poultry net bag can be used in packaging and processing.

HVA International’s track record in poultry production dates back to the early 1980s, when HVA managed the Royal Arzat integrated livestock farm (dairy and poultry) in Oman and implemented a fully integrated poultry complex (capacity 6 million broilers per annum) in Saudi Arabia on a turn key basis.

HVA International’s position in poultry production has been firmly established by the development, construction and management of the Tauorga and Ghot Sultan large scale poultry and dairy production complexes in Libya between 1982 and 1991. Each of the two fully integrated, largely self supporting projects, includes grandparent farms with hatchery, parent farms, a broiler hatchery, ten broiler farms and a processing plant with a capacity of 3,000 broilers per hour. Under difficult climatic conditions (summer temperatures reaching to over 45°C) these projects achieved excellent results, producing a range of quality poultry and dairy products, in quantities well above the pre-guaranteed targets.

In the same period, HVA International provided start up and operational management for a newly constructed integrated poultry project in Sudan. The project includes a feed mill, hatchery, broiler and layer farms (annual production of 2 million broilers and 6 million table eggs) and slaughterhouse. The technical assistance covered all aspects of the project, including training and transfer of technology.


Between 1990 and 1993, HVA International provided technical assistance for the rehabilitation and management of the Taj poultry production farms at Tauru in India. Management support and training provided by HVA International’s poultry production expert has resulted in a significant improvement of key production figures. As part of the assignment, a feasibility study has been conducted for the further expansion of the poultry farms and for the construction of a processing plant to produce export quality carcasses and portions.


From 1992 to 1993, HVA International provided technical assistance to the Saudi Agricultural Development Project in Saudi Arabia. The programme included advising poultry farmers and supporting the Ministry of Agriculture on the establishment of veterinary programmes and marketing policies.


As part of the project’s renovation, HVA installed new cooling and ventilation equipment at the project it had successfully constructed more than 20 years ago in the Sudan. The supplies included computerised controls for the climate in the broiler and breeder houses.

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