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This article mainly talks on which on to choose, plastic window screen or wire window screen? Then, after analisis,comes out that plastic window screen is a better choise.

Just as mentioned in the title, what answer will you choose? Maybe most people will select the later—wire window screen. Compare plastic window screen and wire window screen, it’s obvious they have different material: the former one is made of plastic and the latter one is wire. And we also think wire is firmer than plastic. So choosing wire window screen seems inevitable.

I want to make the fact to say. There are the two kinds of window screens in my house and they have been used for equal years. I take photos of them respectively and show them as follows:

1. wire window screen

2. plastic window screenI think I needn’t say more, the correct answer can come out. Plastic window screen is more perfect than wire window screen. From the picture we can see wire in wire window screen gets crooked and cut.From now on we should know the difference between plastic window screen and wire one. We shouldn’t feel confused in choosing plastic window screen and wire one.

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