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Extruded Tubular Net 3 Heal Sealed  Net Bag

This article is to make a thorough introduction on plastic mesh bags from the define, the production processing, the application, etc. aims to help end users to recognize different mesh bags and find the right one to use.

Topic One: How to define and recognize different mesh bags?


When walking in the supermarkets, you will easily find there is many different net bags on the shelf. Through there are thousands of different net bags, they can be divided into two groups. One is extruded net bag(Extruded Net Bag (roll)),Heat-sealed Net Bag,Meat and Poultry Bags ,Mussel Farming Net,Net Bag With Iron Shelf,Sealed Flat Net Bag,Shell-fish Packaging,Vertbag-extruded net with film), while the other is knitted net bag(Bale Net Wrap,Debris Safety Netting,Pallet Net Wrap,Raschel Bag,Shade net,Tubular mesh Bag,Window Screen ). How to distinguish them from each other? This is always a hot question from the potential customers during my 6 years working experience. The answer would be very simple that just pull the yarn to see if the joint between two yarns would split easily. If the joint can be split, the net bag should be a knitted one; otherwise, it is the extruded one.


Why? So we should move to


Topic Two: The production processing of knitted net bags and extruded net bags.


The extruded netting is made by tooling that the net was shaped directly when extruded out of the tooling. So there is actually no yarn involved, the two sides of each mesh is stiff and linked automatically by heated melt in the die body and the joint is fixed unmovable.


It is much complicated to make the knitted net bags. We should first get a yarn machine to produce hundreds of yarns, and then we use the loom machine to make netting out of the yarns.


The netting structure was made by knitting two or more yarns together, so the joint is soft and flexible.


Topic Three: The application of extruded net bag and knitted net bags


These two net bags both have advantage and disadvantage. For fruit and vegetable packing, the knitted net bag would be the best selection. The knitted net bag here I am referring is the tubular net bag, because we are now compare knitted net bag with the extruded net bag, the extruded net bag is quite light scaled for cargo weight ranged from 500g to 5kg, the tubular net bag would be the most proper one to be the counterpart in the knitting industry. As we all know fruits and vegetable are the gift of the nature and they cannot avoid having this or that kind of defects during their growth. Knitted net bag has comparatively wider yarn than the extruded one and can greatly shield these defects after packing. Moreover, because of the wide yarn, the bag can have a nice and bright shining under the light, which indeed would help appealing customers. Unlike the extruded net bag, whose weight is mostly on the joint, the tubular net bag put all the weight on the yarn that it has much higher strength compared to the extruded one. Although the KG price of the tubular net bag would be higher than the extruded one, the unit price would be the same or even below due to the totally different strength and capacity.


Extruded net bag is shaped by tooling and has stiff joints, which is the best for raising industry. People use it to raise chickens, fishes, crabs, oysters, etc. The stiff feature is also welcomed by some special packing industry, for example, to pack camphor ball and Rain flower pebble. Also some people will use it to pack fruits and vegetables, but more and more people are choosing the knitted tubular net bags for fruits and vegetables packing.


Topic Four


In this topic, I will talk about the packaging machines in the markets that consume the net bags.


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