Plastic Filtration Net

Filtering Net1

This article talks about meshes as filtering nets. The usage of plastic filtering net is working as supporting or protection of medi. And their are variety of plastic meshes meeting the requirements.

Produce a wide variety filtering net/mesh / media, including extruded thermoplastic mesh structures for use in the filtration industry. Meshes are widely used in the support or protection of media in pleated filter elements and feed spacer mesh in membrane filters. Several polymers can be used in filter nets and a very wide range of mesh sizes and configurations are possible.

In addition to the manufacture of extruded filtration meshes, Boddingtons are also able to offer a precision die cutting service which enables the production of filtration nets and filter media in many die cut shapes and designs. A wide variety of different filter media as well as mesh or film products are available, cut to your requirements. In addition Boddingtons are able to print media with your text or company logo if required to aid in assembly or branding of your product.Many filter media and filter mesh shapes shapes are possible from simple discs to complex components.

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