Plastic Drainage Net

Drainage Net

This article gives introduction of Plastic Drainage Net. The material, shape of opening,excellent chemical resistance are given to know. The the features like Cost Effective,increasing space within the landfill and others are mentioned.

Our drainage nets is also called filtering net ,which are composed of two bonded, overlapping HDPE strands that form diamond shaped openings. The drainage nets are manufactured to allow planar flow of fluids along the plane of the net. This is accomplished by creating open channels along the net that allow flow. Drainage nets show excellent chemical resistance and can replace one or more feet of conventional drainage aggregate.


Material: HDPE

Landfill leach ate collection
Landfill leak detection
Landfill caps / closures Landfill methane gas collection
Pond leak detection
Foundation wall drainage
Athletic field and landscape drainage
Erosion control


Cost Effective - drainage nets can replace one or more feet of conventional aggregate drainage, increasing space within the landfill, allowing for additional revenue generation. Versatility - drainage nets can be installed on steep slopes or against vertical walls where conventional drainage aggregates cannot be used. Chemical Resistance - drainage nets exhibit the same chemical and biological resistance as the HDPE geomembrane.

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