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A pallet is commonly used to load,unload,transport and storage goods. that is the pallet's application. The importance of pallet in our life is to effectively reduce the labor and cost. while it's also important to keep the pallet stable with pallet net wrap. The pallet and the forklift make the loading and unloading much easier than manualwork.

Pallet is a platform for facilitating the loading and unloading of goods, transport, storage and distribution, and also a cargo board of forklift. It is the most inconspicuous tool but a very common one in the logistics industry and the main means of turning the goods from static to dynamic state. Though it is only one square meter in size, it moves the whole earth"! It is also called "active ground", moving platform."

The role of pallet in logistics is obvious to see. In real life, using pallet for transportation can effectively reduce the labor and cost, of course, the most important thing is that it greatly improves the speed of conveying, and can effectively prevent the goods from damage, and so on. Speaking of which, it is really important to keep the goods on pallet stable in case of hurting people by the falling goods on it. Then, people invented a kind of plastic net wrap, which is called pallet net wrap, to help fasten the cargo on the pallet. Nowadays, the pallet net wrap has been widely used in our daily life.

Pallet-based operation

Using manpower to load and unload the corrugated box or bags of goods into trucks or containers one by one is called hand loading and unloading. The other way is taking 50 or 100 corrugated boxes or bags as a unit, it is first piled up on the pallet, and then you use the forklift to load the pallet to the platform for the delivery. This kind of transport is called pallet-based operation transport system. In developed countries, pallet-based loading and unloading is taken as the basic operation for transportation. In transport, it is bound to have the loading and unloading operation before and after. Comparing with the traditional manual handling operations, the labor and time required with the use of pallets is only one-tenth of the former, that is to say, one forklift driver takes 10 persons work.

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