Pallet wrapping robot

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This article mainly introduces the Girokay Sth wrapper to us. The machine wraps at a distance of only 100 cm from the pallet. And tell some differences from other robots.The Girokay Sth wrapper robot  can pack automativally, we can control the wrapper which is is battery powered.
The Girokay Sth wrapper is an automatic robot for wrapping medium and large quantities of pallets,such asPallet Net Wrap,strech film, and is designed to operate where space is short. The machine wraps at a distance of only 100 cm from the pallet thus minimising the wrapper's work area. For example, to pack a Euro pallet (size 120x80 cm) an area of only 3.2 by 2.8 metres is sufficient.
Although it is compact, the machine offers the same performance as Girokay Sth AC. Girokay Sth differs from Girokay Sth AC only in the type of stretch film reel used. In fact, to contain dimensions, Girokay Sth operates with stretch film reels of 8 kg (maximum external diameter of 180 mm). On the contrary, Girokay Sth AC can operate with 16 kg reels (maximum external diameter of 250 mm).
The Girokay Sth wrapper robot automatically packs pallets of all shapes and sizes because it autonomously rotates around the product to be packed, following the profile of the wood platform or of the product itself.
This model detects the pallet height automatically, with a photocell eye.
From the control panel, you can adjust the rise and descent rotation speeds, set the quantity of revs of stretch film to be positioned at the bottom or top of the pallet, automatically measure the height of the pallet or preset it manually.
The machine is battery powered, and has a minimum throughput range of 80 pallet wraps per recharge. The battery charger is on board and to recharge, just plug into the mains socket. For extra range, you can buy a second optional battery unit. Fast interchange capability enables you to recharge one unit while the other is on board.

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