Pallet wrapper

Pallet Pallet11
This article shows that pallet wrapper has a film carrierto and how the pallet film will work on this pallet machine. And intoduct how the platformis installed on the ground.
The pallet wrapper wraps boxes piled up orderly over a pallet with Pallet Net Wrap or plastic film to protect goods during transportation.
The machine includes a film carrier which move up and down,a rotaing platform for the pallet and boxes ,and can optionally be equipped with one.

The film Is positioned manually to start the cycle.the platform then rotates in scynchronsation with the film carrier which first goes up ,and then descends to end the wrapping cycle.the film is cut manully and the wrapped pallet is removed from the machine.the wrapping process is done automatically and is controlled by end of travel limit sensors.

The platform is installed flush with the ground surface,so that the pallets remain at floor level.

Maximum output is approximately one pallet/minute,depengding on the height of the piles.

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