Net bags

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The article net-bags shows the advantages of net bags, such as weight, strongness. And net bags are cheap in price with a wide range of application. The net bags also have the goodness of reusable.


These net bags, manufactured using either polypropylene or polythene, provide excellent product visibility with light weight and high strength.

At the same time, they are low in price. The breathable fabric makes them ideal for agricultural products especially root crops such as carrots, beetroots and onions. Other uses include shellfish, logs and kindling wood. That is to say, it can protect the packed goods from the sun as well as offering essential ventilation.

Reusable bags are practical and a cost-effective way to help protect the environment. Besides, they have many uses including grocery shopping, library, lunch bag, swimming bag, beach bag, travelling bag, pantry storage of vegetables and fruits to avoid rapid deterioration or think outside the square!

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