My Surprise on Window Screen

Window Screen

This article talks about the writer's first exprience of plastic mesh which impressed her. plastic window sreen is a better choice than wire window screen. From then, the writer decides to open her mind and heart to see the world, and leard a good lesson.

One day my colleague and I passed by a shop. The workers were installing plastic mesh into a frame. At that time I just felt strange, seeing the plastic mesh. The color of the plastic mesh is grey and it looks like wire netting. Because now I work in a company, which specializes in plastic mesh, that is, I know something about thewindow screen the workers are fixing, I touched the window screen to see what its material is. The result is different from my thought. It’s plastic window screen rather than wire window screen. At the same time, I felt plastic mesh is wizardly that it has the function.

I also felt ashamed through the matter. In fact, plastic window screen is common in daily life while I turn a blind eye to it. I learn from the matter that I should pay attention to life carefully and think hard in the future.My colleague is very great that she puts work in her heart whenever and wherever. Then she picked the scrap of plastic mesh up and took it back to our company to study. I certainly should learn from my colleague.

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