Live and plastic net bags

Sealed Net Bag 3

The article Live and plastic net bags shows us the plastic net bags are more and more widely used in our daily lives. And tells what kind of plastic net bags we offer from aspects like size, colour,loading weight,etc. Then talks on the advantages of using plastic net bags.

Nowadays, plastic net bags are widely used and it gradually goes into people’s lives. If you like shopping and always go to the supermarket, It is easy to find the sealled plastic net bags for loading .our sealed plastic net bags are made of PP and PP, the plastic net bag can be extruded into different mesh sizes. The quality is out of question. Normally, the max loading capacity of the plastic net bag is between 5 to 10kg. But actually it can load more than 10kgs. That is why I say the sentence that the quality is out of question.

Not only this, But also it is non-toxic, portable, ventilate and economical. It is fit for the standard of environment protection law completely, and also safe to body. After using it, You can hang it on the wall, it won’t take you too much room. So It is convenient for the person who will use it.

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