Liquid filter bags

Liquid Filter Bag Filtering Net1

This article first talks on the material of the liquid filter bag. Then focus on the features of the main PP, PE material. The function of the filter is mentioned in details to show it can work effectively. Also lasts the filter bags'life. In the end, the size of the filtering precision is offered.

Ordinary liquid filter bag is made of polyester fiber cloth (PE)、polypropylene fiber filter cloth ( PP )、 nylon monofilament mesh.

PE, PP is a deep three-dimensional filter material, 100% pure fiber (manufactured by acupuncture method) with structure of three-dimensional、 highly fluffy formation, and with many twists and turns of the filtering layer. It has a loose fiber tissue, thereby increasing its load capacity of impurity. And, there's a similar product called Filtering net can be used in filter cartrige.

The filter bags can effectively remove solid and soft particles, i.e. larger particle impurities to be trapped on the fiber surface, and the fine particles are captured in the deep filter, ensure that the filter bag will not damage in the process due to pressure . The filter has high filter efficiency; in addition, the product surface treated by high temperature (i.e. using instantaneous sintering technology / polishing processing ), can effectively prevent the loss of the fiber impacted by high-speed liquid, not only guarantee no pollution to the liquid caused by the fiber’s separation, but also avoid the filter pore blockage ( using traditional rolling process), shorten the service life of the filter bag, while the pressure difference is small and does not affect the velocity. The filtering precision is 1-200 micron.

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