Information of Pallet Net Wrap

Pallet Net Wrap 7

This article gives introduction of two kinds of pallet net wrap. The pallet net wrap is very convenient to pack irregular articles. Then shows how pallet net wrap can be used manually. The pallet net wrap can also replace stretch film to pack good.

Pallet Net Wrap is using for Pallet Packing. There are two kinds: manual packing net and automatic packing net.

No matter wrapped loads have irregular shape or are incomplete, pallet net wrap will hold the loads firmly, gripping every curve and covering every gap. Pallet net wrap can help the loads arrive safely at its destination.

The manual packing net is suited to hand application, eliminating the need for physical strength to achieve the required tension. The net’s elasticity makes it as easy to apply as stretch film, making it a very convenient, economical and effective way to wrap any load in any conditions.

Designed as a superior alternative to stretch film, the pallet net wrap protects food, fruit vegetables or flower shipments while offering superior ventilation and condensation characteristics. With lower pallet temperatures and less condensation, the goods shipped stay fresh longer. Easily applied with hand wrappers or stretched wrapping machinery.

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