I Love Plastic Net Bags

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This article first mentions the material of plastic net bags who are becoming widely used in our daily life. Then shows the applications in our usual life for packaging. And plastic net bags have many advantages in packing food.

Plastic net bags, which are made of PE and PP are one of bags and can be used to pack articles inside. Most people may ignore plastic net bags, because we usually pack articles with poly bags. But now I want to tell you plastic net bags are also very important and widely used in daily life.

They are available for fresh products, onions, potatoes, fruit, etc. I show you some pictures as follows:

1. Apples are packed inside.2. Plastic net bags contain peanut, onions, garlic, grapefruits, etc. From the picture we can see plastic net bags have strong weight-support though they are not close-knit. What’s more, they are colorful and seem beautiful. We can also know they are portable and economical. So they will appear in my brain when I want to pack articles.

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