Further cognition about our products

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This is a further cognition about our products like protective mesh sleeve,raschel bag,etc.

Before I just knew what is plastic net bags, what is protective sleeve, what is bath scrunchie, and what is anti bird netting. I didn’t know their specification and didn’t know how to reach the same opinion about the products with customers.


Now as the time going, I know more about our products. I’d like to tell you now and hope the information will help you understand the products. The products are similar and their produce has the same principle. Among them, protective sleeves are the easiest to manufacture, and other products are formed after some more process. Then I’ll introduce their factors one by one.

As for protective sleeves, its natural width, the maximum width it can reach, mesh size, the number of meshes within one lap, and the thickness of one thread. Natural width means protective sleeve meshes aren’t stretched, while the maximum is on the opposite, the value is under the stretch of protective sleeve meshes. What is mesh size? It is the length of one side of the mesh. Protective sleeve meshes are made of threads, the thickness of one thread is namely the thread’s diameter. After you have the data, whether you are buyers or sellers, it is easy to communicate with the other side and it can help you to make deals.

Plastic net bags can be formed after one side of protective sleeve is burned to one point. Plastic net bags should be considered from these aspects: their maximum width, their length, and the weight they can endure. As we all know, mesh has hole, so the plastic net bags can be stretched and they have the maximum widths.

Protective sleeves being tied by nylon strings are bath scrunchies. Generally, bath scruchies are described by their weight.

The three kinds of protective sleeves are different. Because the proportion of material isn’t the same, the softness and the mesh sizes are different. But they are all the shape of sleeves and are manufactured with the same principle.

Anti bird nettings have large meshes that are larger than meshes of protective sleeves, plastic net bags and bath scrunchies. When anti bird nettings come out of the manufacturing machine, they have the shape of sleeves. We use scissors to cut the sleeve shape’s anti bird nettings, then we can get anti bird netting.

The information is just my harvest from my work, and I hope it can help you learn plastic meshes.

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