Mesh Bag & Auto Packing

Extruded Net Bag Roll

Fresh solutions to increase sales of packaged produce, like extruded net bags.

Innovative, reliable, high speed packaging machines are the key to a successful automated packing line. Whether it's extruded net bag, polyor paper, the bod line has a packaging machine to suit your needs. Our bagger's can be interfaced with the Sorma line of weigher's as well as most weighing machines available on the market today.

20 years ago innovative produce packaging was a Vexar bag for onions or a heat sealed bag for potatoes. The industry has progressed considerably since then, and the bod line of packaging equipment represents the very latest in packaging technology.

Suzhou Bod provides a kind of extruded net bag, which is originally used for fruits and vegetable packing, is playing more and more important role in agricultural industry, especially for crab and oyster breeding.

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