Fresh british beans and peas are quite popular with its good taste protected by pea and bean net while growing.

Fresh beans and peas are in season in Britain throughout the summer, from June to September, and are currently enjoying a welcome revival in popularity. With celebrity chefs extolling their virtues and food writers getting excited about seasonal legumes, the past few years have seen us podding and slicing our way through fresh beans and peas with renewed gusto.People also use Pea and Bean Net to protect the fresh and complete taste of the food.

Fresh, young runner and dwarf beans are amongst the many wonderful beans and peas available during the British summer. Grown here in the UK, they are tender, juicy and bursting with flavour. They are delicious simply steamed and served tossed in butter and seasoning with fish or lamb or can be used as the basis for summer salads.

Broad beans require a little work but most cooks find the rhythmic podding of beans therapeutic and well worthwhile once the beans are boiled, buttered and on the plate. Broad beans go beautifully with bacon or pancetta and are a great accompaniment to summer salmon dishes.

All legumes are good for us, providing seasonal options for those all important five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Packed with vitamins and minerals and naturally low in salt, beans and peas are one of nature’s health foods

So savour every mouthful during the British bean and pea season from its start in June to the last precious days of September.

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