Fish and mussel farming


Fish and mussel farming in Gulf of La Spezia. This is an activity better worked with mussel farming net.

Among the main activities occurring in the Gulf of La Spezia, fish and mussel farming is worth mentioning.
Mussel farming is a very old activity, dating from the end of nineteenth century. The Mitilicoltori Spezzini, representing all mussel farmers working in the gulf of La Spezia, looks after the harvesting, treatment and distribution of more than six thousands tons of mussels, with a total turnover that last year was over 6 million Euros.

The fish farming plant at Pezzino, in the bay of Le Grazie, is an in-shore plant managed by the company “Spezzina Itticoltura”, which is in charge of production and distribution. This farming is the only one in Liguria and one of the few in Italy and is made up of 76 tanks located on a total surface of  about 19.000 sqm. In 2007, the production was over 300 hundred tons, for a total turnover of about 2 million Euros.

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