Mesh Bag & Chicken Marination

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Introduction of bod meat and poultry bags which are kind of extruded net like extruded net bags.

Bod Meat and Poultry Bags and overwraps have been chosen by top food industry users for more than forty years, including the major producers of turkey, ham, and other meat products.  Extruded mesh bags offers a wide range of extruded plastic netting products for processing, cooking and smoking meat and poultry. Extruded mesh netting varieties include polypropylene and polyethylene, single-strand and multi-strand designs, precut overwraps, heat-sealed bags, and roll stock.

 Net-All  Plastic Mesh Knitted HDPE Meat Netting is ideal for smoking and hanging or even just packaging and decoration.  In fact, plastic Net-All  boasts hanging weights up to 30 pounds, various color options and a temperature limit of 207 .

Net-All Polyester Knitted Meat Netting is an extremely strong netting perfectly suited for meat and poultry processing.  Polyester netting is ideal for various cooking and press tie applications and can be heated up to 465.

Net-All II-F Polypropylene Knitted Meat Netting is perfect for smoking, hanging and/or packaging heavy items in higher temperature applications.  In fact, Net-All II-F boasts hanging weights up to 30 pounds.

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