Automatic Clipping Machine

Semi Auto Clipper
Introduction on easy-pak semi automatic clipping machine, which can be used for automatic packing food with raschel bags.

The Easy-Pak is an ideal clipping machine for any duty or application where steady and continuous throughput of packs is required with the minimum of effort. The machine can also be supplied with an applicator for 160mm pre-printed wineglass labels and is available with 100mm or 150mm diameter net tubes as standard. Using a cassette of clipping wire from which the clips are formed, the Easy-Pak machine is suitable for most Extruded Net Bag (roll) and knitted net.
The operator gathers the net into the clipping head and this triggers the machine to apply two clips and cut the net between them. Typical applications for the Easy-Pak machine include the packing of onions and garlic in “in-line” packs, bulk packing of most fruit and vegetables, cheese, confectionery and industrial products such as flexible hoses, etc.

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