Deer Mesh Fencing

Deer Fence

Introduction of our deer mesh fencing.

Our tough, polypropylene deer mesh fencing can be attached to posts or stakes to create a quick, temporary fence. At the end of the season, you can just roll the deer mesh fencing back up again. Features:

* Choose from two styles: the economical, Easy-Up Lightweight Fence or -- for more serious or persistent problems -- the Heavy-Duty Fence, which is three times heavier.
* Easy to install: Simply attach to stakes or posts (not included)
* Just roll fence up at end of season for easy storage
* UV-stabilized to last for years
* The Easy-Up Lightweight Fence is also good for wrapping shrubs and saplings

Material: LDPE/HDPE
Mesh size: 60mm*60mm
Weight: 25gram
Width (Diameter):2.25m
Colors: black/white/red/green/brown
Material: LDPE/HDPE
Mesh size: 40*40mm
Weight: 60gram
Width (Diameter):4.3m
Colors: black/white/red/green/brown

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