Breeding Red Clawed Mangrove Crabs

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Information on how to raise Red Clawed Mangrove crabs and focuses. different from raising crabs in ponds with mussel farming net.

Raising Red Clawed Mangrove crabs from tiny eggs, through the larvae stage and into impressive adults is not the easiest project you can venture, but it’s not impossible either. Mussel Farming Net does a great favor for farmers.To begin with, you will of course need a female Mangrove crab and her eggs. Female mangrove crabs often get eggs if they are kept in a holding aquarium with males. To successfully raise the frail larvae you will also need a separate rearing aquarium where conditions can be kept optimal and there are no predators present.

The breading aquarium can be a regular aquarium with a capacity of at least 100 litres. Place a 2 cm thick layer of fine sand at the bottom. To make sure the aquarium is properly oxygenated and circulated equip it with air stones or similar. Take water and bogwood from the already running aquarium and use it to cycle the rearing aquarium. Also add about 1 tablespoon salt per 1 litre water. Recommended gravity of the water is 0.010 ppm. The gravity can be checked with a hydrometer. Calibrate the heather, connect the lights to a timer, place a hatchery for artemia in the aquarium and buy high quality fluid food. Be vigilant when doing these things. Small things like this might seem inconsequential, but providing the right temperature, nutrition and amount of light is crucial when raising Red Clayed Mangrove crab. Put a piece of cork or similar in the aquarium to provide the female Mangrove crab with an opportunity to climb out of the water.

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