Bod Bale Net Wrap

Bale Net Wrap 2

What kind of bale net wrap we have, features of our bale net wrap.

Secure your crop and achieve perfect round bales with Bod Bale Net Wrap. Whether you want full width or over the side Net Wrapping, Bod Bale Net Wrap has you completely covered. Available in 1.23m in 2100m or 3100m lengths and 1.3m widths in 3100m lengths, there is a Bod Bale Net Wrap to suit all baler models. Check baler manual for maximum allowable width.

Bod Bale Net Wrap is sourced from a world leading netwrap manufacturer. In application and performance it’s amongst the highest quality netwraps worldwide. It achieves secure crop protection and complete round bales in hay or silage.

Features of Bod Bale Net Wrap include:

•Red end warning stripe indicating roll change
•Guaranteed length
•Full bale coverage
•High strength
•Quality guarantees

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