Bath scrunchie and the soap

Bath Scrunchie 01

Bath scrunchie is very useful in daily life, which is a kind of extruded net.


Before we just daub soap or shower gel on our bodies with our hands. But usually it is difficult to dissolve soap or shower gel and the process need much time. Later bath scrunchie help us to enjoy our bath quichly.


Just add a small amount of soap or shower gel to your scrunchie and watch the bubbles flow!!


This ball of fluffy polythene mesh is a great body polisher that gently exfoliates the skin while leaving it feeling soft and revitalised. Do not use on sensitive areas such as face, neck, throat or broken skin.


A very soft but exfoliating bath scrunchie which has a fabric loop so you can hang it up after use.


You can replace your bath scrunchie every 2 months or so. They dry quickly so they don't tend to get musty. 

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