Auto Parts

Mesh Sleeve 1 Mesh Sleeve 2

Standards auto parts should meet before marketing, better protected in protective mesh sleeve.

Some imported auto parts must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and be certified by the manufacturer. For example, child restraint systems, warning devices, rear impact guards and brake hoses must all be manufactured to FMVSS specifications before they can be imported. This satisfies safety requirements for crash avoidance due to car parts being imported and/or installed in United States vehicles. A complete list of FMVSS and what each auto part requires is available on the Government Printing Office website under 49 CFR 571, Code of Federal Regulations.

From information above, we can find out it’s of great importance to protect the precise anto parts. So, there borns the protective mesh sleeve to make sure the auto parts play its role in industries like the car industry.

Tips & Warnings

  • It would be helpful to hire the services of a commercial customs broker in your state.
  • Read the detailed import vehicle parts instructions and regulations from the EPA, CBP, GPO and NHSTA websites before attempting to import auto parts.
  • For regulated auto parts, you risk the chance of them being exported if it they do not meet FMVSS and/or EPA requirements.

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