Are You Looking For Fastener Sleeve?

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A short history about fastener sleeve and we offer good fastener sleeve.

Are you looking for something that protects the fastener? If the answer is “yes”, I’m sure that the thing you need is fastener sleeve.

With the rapid development of the economy and the industry, the fastener sleeve is widely used and the demands are huger and huger. It is reported that there are 20 thousand fastener manufactures in China and at the same time, they have made large contributions to the economy of China.

It‘s no doubt that the risk of economy in 2008 caused an impact to the field of fastener. Especially, the influence for the enterprises which are specialized in export is rather huger than the others. With the decreasing of the orders, some manufactures have to reduce the staffs to maintain the operation of the company. Even some directly closed the manufactures to get rid of the economic risk. Until the end of 2009, the economic risk is gradually going away; the whole field of fastener has mostly recovered. In 2010, the situation of the fastener is rather excellent. Basically, it has reached the same level of 2008. In addition, the technology is developing all the time. Many new types and products were invented to meet much more demands.

Therefore, to adapt to the situation, we did some researches and made some different types of fastener sleeves such as flat counter sunk nib bolts sleeve, Square head bolt sleeve, Flat countersink square neck bolts sleeve. What’s more, we can produce the productions according to the customers’ requirements. Good Quality, Reasonable Price.

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