Aluminum window screen

Window Sreen 1 Window Screen

An introduction of aluminum window screen, while Bod provides plastic knitted window screen.

Aluminum Window Screen is also called magnalium wire netting or aluminum wire netting. The aluminum screens have a protective coating that prevents corrosion and strengthens the mesh. It is weaved by the al-alloy wire which contained magnesium and the color is silvery white. Aluminum window screen is more expensive than fiberglass bug and insect screening but much more durable. It may be cut or trimmed with scissors. Aluminum window screen can be coated to green, silver gray, yellow and blue by the epoxy resin, so it also named epoxy resin aluminum wire netting.


Aluminum is generally available in natural aluminium or in an applied charcoal color, the charcoal is much less visible. Meantime aluminum alloy window screen can be coated to green, silver gray, yellow and so on. The black color aluminum screen has been known for it’s good outward visibility among standard type insect screens.


Aluminum window screen is one of metal window screen. It is very popular in Civil architecture and Military satellite.It has high resistance to corrosion under the majority of service conditions and no colored salts are formed to stain adjacent surfaces or discolor products with which it comes to contact.


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