A coastal mussel farm in France

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This aticle shows us various dishes of mussel. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of mussel, mussel farming net does a great help in packing and feeding mussel, that’s how we can taste these dilicious mussel dishes bellow.

Douzaine de Moules Crues (La )– A dozen raw mussels. This will be part of a raw seafood raw menu. These mussels will probably be served with just a slice of fresh lemon and maybe black pepper.     

Moules Farcies à la Sétoise - Mussels stuffed in the manner of Sète; Sète is`` the second largest French port in the Mediterranean and the largest fishing port. Here the mussels will be stuffed with tomatoes and a veal and pork sausage meat and flavored with white wine  and cooked and the and Aïoli will be added.  Aïoli is Provence’s famous garlicky mayonnaise. I will need to write a separate blog just for Aïoli!     

Moules Marinière  and or Moules Frits Marinière,  – Mussels cooked in the manner of a sailor and or the same served with French fries on the side.  Order Moules Frits and the soup in which the mussels are cooked will usually be a vegetable broth. Order Moules Frits Marinière and the soup in which the mussels are cooked will be made with white wine and butter or cream. The chef has plenty of freedom with this dish; the herbs and the vegetables added may differ with the season though the basics, which is the white wine and mussels will remain. Despite the name of the dish let’s face it; the average French sailor would not have seen this dish on a ship one-hundred-years ago or even today.      

Moules à la Crème Ciboulette – Mussels cooked in a cream sauce flavored with spring onions.        

Les Moules Gratinée - Mussels baked and then quickly grilled with a little Parmesan or Gruyère cheese on top. (see Huitre Gratinée).              

Soupe de Moules – Mussel soup. Mussels cooked with wine and cream crème fraiche. The chef may have different ideas about how he or she prepare this soup so ask for more information when you are considering to order how  the chef prepares this soup.
When you do  want to order moules frits  in France their many menus will offering French moules frits with a wide variety of suffixes. These suffixes will  be referring to the soup in which the mussels are cooked. Menus will offer moules frits  Provencal: that will be  white wine, tomatoes, garlic and more. Moules frits Au Bleu: white wine, parsley,  and the Bleu d’Auvergne cheese. There will be many more options where each locality will be using  a local wine or product to make this originally Belgian dish of  moules frites 100% French.

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