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How To Weave a Cargo Net

Pallet11 72d130bf1040db3757ecbb275ad3d0e5

If you have any type of vehicle ranging from a van, to a truck, to a car or an RV and you need to carry some large items in your cargo bay, a elastic cargo net can help you secure your load. It can hold items in place and give you peace of mind that you will not lose anything on the trip home and that the cargo bay contents will stay in place. Depending on the strength and size of the cargo net, you can spend hundreds of dollars to buy one. For a fraction of that price you can make one at home.

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Meat And Poultry Bags 5

This article first shows us that HVA International is specialised in developing and advising integrated livestock projects and in operational management. Then, the technology it's applied in production. It has a long history in tracking in poultry production. The meat and poultry bag is a related product. The HVA international also establishes Sudan and India.

HVA International has a long-standing experience in developing and advising integrated livestock projects as well as in operational management, charged with achieving guaranteed production targets. Consequently, HVA International has adopted a result-oriented approach to training and transfer of technology, which has been highly successful in introducing modern animal production and processing practices world-wide.Plastic mesh like meat and poultry net bag can be used in packaging and processing.

HVA International’s track record in poultry production dates back to the early 1980s, when HVA managed the Royal Arzat integrated livestock farm (dairy and poultry) in Oman and implemented a fully integrated poultry complex (capacity 6 million broilers per annum) in Saudi Arabia on a turn key basis.


PACK EXPO International 2012

Meat And Poultry Fristam Pumps

At the beginning, landscape of the butcher appears to lead to the new way of handle meat and poultry. And analyse the situation when we have meat and poultry packers to handle meat and poultry. Give an introduction of flexible packaging like plastic net bags with goodness.Then tell us some information about pack-expo-international-2012.

Not long ago, nearly every grocery store employed a butcher. Today, the retail landscape is changing, and at the heart of this change are advancements in case-ready products distributed by meat and poultry packers. In fact, market analyst The Freedonia Group predicts overall demand for meat, poultry and seafood packaging will grow by 3 percent annually through 2015. Flexible packaging will continue to outpace rigid types, bolstered by good opportunities for high-barrier film and pouches, as well plastic mesh. Added-value features that preserve quality and promote ease of opening will also, along with consumer demand, contribute to growth.

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Fish and mussel farming


Fish and mussel farming in Gulf of La Spezia. This is an activity better worked with mussel farming net.

Among the main activities occurring in the Gulf of La Spezia, fish and mussel farming is worth mentioning.
Mussel farming is a very old activity, dating from the end of nineteenth century. The Mitilicoltori Spezzini, representing all mussel farmers working in the gulf of La Spezia, looks after the harvesting, treatment and distribution of more than six thousands tons of mussels, with a total turnover that last year was over 6 million Euros.

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Food Storage Advices

Mussel Plastic Mesh

This article gives advice on how to store your meat and poultry and shellfish for your different needs. Like, store for several months or for just 2 days. And tell us different ways to keep shellfish. Then give a list on te meat we usually have of the storage time in refrigerator and freezer.

Keep meat and poultry in its original packaging in the refrigerator. To freeze, slip the packaging into a resealable freezer bag. If you’re freezing for several months, it’s best to wrap pieces individually in plastic before bagging; this will make them less vulnerable to freezer burn. Another way to cut the risk of freezer burn is to buy vacuum-packed meats and poultry (which can also last about 2 days longer in the refrigerator). Leave seafood in its original packaging and, if possible, place on a bowl of ice in the refrigerator. However, live shellfish (like clams) should not be put on ice; open or poke holes in the packaging. To freeze seafood, slip the original packaging into a resealable freezer bag.

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Mussel Harvest Forecast

Mussel Aquaculture 7

The main idea of the article is the mussel harvests will decrease seriously in 2013. A specialist gives reason why the harvest in 2012 didn't decrease, due to the mussel seeds in 2011. He also talks about hypotheses on the reason of the shortage. As the mussel farming industry exported products is decreasing, it's suggested to seek new markets.  

Mussel (Mytilus chilensis) harvests could fall between 60 per cent and 70 per cent in 2013 due to shortages of seeds, warns the general manager of the Association of Mussel Growers from Chile AG (AmiChile), Johana González.

Farmers use Mussel Farming Net to help get better harvest. But, this year, the association expects a 30 per cent decrease in harvests and in production although the sector will have to face another problem: the European economic crisis, Diario Financiero reported.

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Capacity in areas with fish farming

Mussel Aquaculture

The capacity in areas with fish farming, the proper size of the area to raise with mussel farming net.

Since the feed for intensive fish farming is collected outside the area where the farming takes place, it is more appropriate to use the concept of holding capacity defined as: “the potential maximum production which is limited by a non-trophic resource” and production capacity defined as: “the maximum tonnage level that can be attained without producing a negative impact on the environment and on the farmed stock“ rather than carrying capacity (Rosenthal et al. 1988). When a fish farm is placed in a fjord or another marine area, the question is whether there is sufficient holding or production capacity left in the system. Norwegian fjords are mostly oligotrophic and so far the widely spread fish farms have not been exceeding the limits of their capacity. However, an expansion in the fish production or a change in the location strategy from widely dispersed farms to areas designated for fish farming may change the picture. Mussel Farming Net also helps in increasing the production of the farming.

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Breeding Red Clawed Mangrove Crabs

Orange Crab Desktop Wallpaper 1280x960

Information on how to raise Red Clawed Mangrove crabs and focuses. different from raising crabs in ponds with mussel farming net.

Raising Red Clawed Mangrove crabs from tiny eggs, through the larvae stage and into impressive adults is not the easiest project you can venture, but it’s not impossible either. Mussel Farming Net does a great favor for farmers.To begin with, you will of course need a female Mangrove crab and her eggs. Female mangrove crabs often get eggs if they are kept in a holding aquarium with males. To successfully raise the frail larvae you will also need a separate rearing aquarium where conditions can be kept optimal and there are no predators present.

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Pallet shrink wrapping machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine Xt4505

 The foundation of the numerous MSK applies pallet shrink wrap technology and created for ensuring the safe transportation of pallets loaded with glass products.Also the palletshrink wrapping machine has advantage like individually optimised system and a long-term competitive.

Pallet shrink wrap machines for the glass container industry. Packaged to withstand wind and weather. It works well with Pallet Net Wrap in helping make goods stable.

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Alternative uses of pallet


Wooden pallet is prefered in some fields with its own advantages like enviroment friendly. While pallet net wrap helps wooden pallet works better.

Usual use of pallets with pallet net wrap is like what we can see in markets for storage and transportation.

Old and discarded wooden pallets can be used in pallet crafts.

Discarded wooden pallets should not be used for firewood or crafts unless it has been determined that the wood in these pallets has not been treated with wood preservatives, fungicides and/or pesticides. Various pyrethrins and propiconazole are common treatments for wooden pallets. In addition, imported palletized goods are routinely fumigated with highly toxic pesticides. During use, harmful materials or chemicals also may spill on the pallet wood and be absorbed.

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About Fruit Tree Maintenance

Fruit Tree 1 Anti Bird Net

This article shows us useful ways to maintain fruit trees, which will make fruit more healtgy. During growing, the trees should be protected with Anti Bird Netting to get better harvest.

Proper fruit-tree maintenance improves the quality of the fruit while keeping the tree smaller and strengthening it. Besides pruning, maintaining the tree involves protecting it against wildlife, insects and weather. Nowadays, farmers like using net like Anti Bird Netting, to protect the fruits on trees to make sure the good quality.

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Automatic Clipping Machine

Semi Auto Clipper
Introduction on easy-pak semi automatic clipping machine, which can be used for automatic packing food with raschel bags.

The Easy-Pak is an ideal clipping machine for any duty or application where steady and continuous throughput of packs is required with the minimum of effort. The machine can also be supplied with an applicator for 160mm pre-printed wineglass labels and is available with 100mm or 150mm diameter net tubes as standard. Using a cassette of clipping wire from which the clips are formed, the Easy-Pak machine is suitable for most Extruded Net Bag (roll) and knitted net.

Orange Crab Netting

Orange Crab Desktop Wallpaper 1280x960 Kelp Crab June 12
This article orange-crab-netting tells us the crab netting is orange in order to attract the carbs to catch them. It shows the method how the netting helps to make it easy to catch crabs for farmers.
Our Orange crab net is a staple among crab fisherman who like to set trot lines. This tough durable netting is an extruded Plastic Net Bags that we make bright orange, evidently the crabs like the color orange.

What to Choose for Bale Wrap?

Bale Net Wrap L
The net wrap is using plastic twine and bale net wrap is used through practical exprience.
When bale grazing occurs on the same field where the bales are made, some producers have experimented with making bales without twine.

This may be an option as long as the bales remain intact and are able to shed water. However, experience suggests a minimum of twine is needed to hold the bales intact from the wind.

Liquid filter bags

Liquid Filter Bag Filtering Net1

This article first talks on the material of the liquid filter bag. Then focus on the features of the main PP, PE material. The function of the filter is mentioned in details to show it can work effectively. Also lasts the filter bags'life. In the end, the size of the filtering precision is offered.

Ordinary liquid filter bag is made of polyester fiber cloth (PE)、polypropylene fiber filter cloth ( PP )、 nylon monofilament mesh.

PE, PP is a deep three-dimensional filter material, 100% pure fiber (manufactured by acupuncture method) with structure of three-dimensional、 highly fluffy formation, and with many twists and turns of the filtering layer. It has a loose fiber tissue, thereby increasing its load capacity of impurity. And, there's a similar product called Filtering net can be used in filter cartrige.

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Stretch Wrapping Machine

  Pallet Wrapping Machine Xt4505Pallet Net Wrap L


The  Stretch Wrapping Machine is kind of automativ machine which used in many countries for wrapping pallets with pre-stretched cling film or pallet net wrap. And the machine can operate continuously under severe industrial environment.

The  Stretch Wrapping Machine is a fully automatic machine for wrapping pallets using stretch cling film. Sometimes, people also manually use Pallet Net Wrap to make the cargo stable.

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Rose hips

Rose Hips

The variety of roses have different colours and sharp prickles. Different species of roses distribute around the world. The plant's fleshy edible fruit is called a rose hip, whose name is  from Latin rosa. The  rose lip can be used to produce perfume, jam and other products.

A rose is a perennial flower shrub or vine of the genus Rosa, within the family Rosaceae, that contains over 100 species and comes in a variety of colors. The species form a group of erect shrubs, and climbing or trailing plants, with stems that are often armed with sharp prickles. It is a common error to refer to roses having thorns. But thorns are modified leaves, whereas these sharp protrusions on a rose are modified epidermal tissues (prickles). Most are native to Asia, with smaller numbers of species native to Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Natives, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and fragrance. talking of rose hips, the rose bud needs special protection from Protective Mesh Sleeve to get better quality.


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Pallet wrapping robot

Pallet Net Wrap L Pallet Net Wrap 7
This article mainly introduces the Girokay Sth wrapper to us. The machine wraps at a distance of only 100 cm from the pallet. And tell some differences from other robots.The Girokay Sth wrapper robot  can pack automativally, we can control the wrapper which is is battery powered.
The Girokay Sth wrapper is an automatic robot for wrapping medium and large quantities of pallets,such asPallet Net Wrap,strech film, and is designed to operate where space is short. The machine wraps at a distance of only 100 cm from the pallet thus minimising the wrapper's work area. For example, to pack a Euro pallet (size 120x80 cm) an area of only 3.2 by 2.8 metres is sufficient.

the advantages of net wrap

Bale Net Wrap L Bale Net Wrap 9
Bale net wrap is made from porous material designed to shed water and permit greater air flow at the bale surface at a lesser cost than plastic wraps. Netwrap is applied during baling and eliminates the need for twine. Studies have shown that netwrap reduces grass hay DM losses by 32% compared to bales stored outside on the ground.

Wrapping Machines Fully Automatic

Wrapping Machine Pallet Net Wrap L

The Contiring Compact is the first machine in a new series of stretch foil wrapping machines using ring wrapping technology in the semi automatic machine range or where lower capacities are required. This series falls in the same price range as the cling wrap wrapping machines with a revolving arm or revolving table but it does offer the benefits of a ring wrapping system. 

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Small Red Rose

Different flowers represent different symbols of expression.But rose protected in mesh sleeve, is the best symbol which is loved best for people on Valentine's Dayas a reason of romantic. while rose is everywhere in American's life.

Flowers are a beautiful symbol of expression. They are a true representative of all emotions related to human nature. Though there are many varieties of flowers like lilies that can be gifted on Valentine's Day. But, the roses are the best. The color of a rose is a silent communication of the feelings that are being conveyed from the receiver to the giver. The fresh love gift also needs a special warm protection. So we use Protective Mesh Sleeve to make "the love" last longer.

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Pallet wrapper

Pallet Pallet11
This article shows that pallet wrapper has a film carrierto and how the pallet film will work on this pallet machine. And intoduct how the platformis installed on the ground.
The pallet wrapper wraps boxes piled up orderly over a pallet with Pallet Net Wrap or plastic film to protect goods during transportation.

Net Wrap Baling Tips

Bale Net Wrap L

The article mainly tells about the use of bale net wrap. First, it talks steps to make correct preparation to install the bale net wrap. And it lists on what you should take care with while install the two rollers. As to to enable the net to feed in evenly and under the correct tension.

We are delighted to  have Netz Werk Round Bale Net Wrap for Farmers and Contractors who are looking for efficient, cost effective, quality round baling solutions.      

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About Garlic Selection

Garlic Bag

This article shows great way to Select & prepare your garlic, far before you can see them well-packed in raschel bags in markets.

There's an old Spanish proverb, “Where you find garlic, you find good health.” We can see how great garlic is for health,.People can always see garlics packed in Extruded Net Bag (roll) for selling.

Choosing Varieties: Soft neck varieties braid and store well; produce 12-13 cloves/head but have no flower stem and suit warm climates with mild winters. Hard neck garlic types send up a hard, flowering stem so are less suitable for braiding, are milder tasting but have a shorter shelf life as they have less layers of skin around the bulb. Elephant or Russian garlic is not a true garlic (known as a bulbing leek and has a milder flavour). Select varieties that grow well in your local climate zone.

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Presswood Pallets

Presswood Pallet L1

This article shows us an introduction of presswood pallet, which uses recycled materials and costs much less. Then we get to know the producing process from the description that how the pallet is produced and the presswood pallets have a wide range of need of the world. And the presswood pallet is well tested and the material it uses is friendly to the soil and plan.

Presswood Pallets are made of recycled materials, which can consist of wood shavings (free timber), wood waste and even old pallets. This will keep the unit costs to a minimum, and helps to protect our environment.

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Mesh Bag Making Machine

Mesh Bag Making Machine
This article gives introduction on the main appliction of the mesh bag making machine. The machine can be used to produce potato bag, onion bag, or applebag making machine, etc. Widely used in producing packaging bags.
Mesh bag making machine (raschel bag knitted machine) is high speed double rib mesh sack and sun-shade gauze loom. It can be used as potato bag, onion bag, or applebag making machine, or mosquito net bag making machine, or packing bag knitting equipment. Most of the bags we might name them Raschel Bag.

New pick-up for modern baler

Bale Net Wrap

The  new-pick-up-for-modern-baler gives information on the newly designed baler. Tell the main information of the baler, of features and functions like reliable, less sensitive and increasing output. Which is a machine to pack wheat with bale net wrap automaticly.

The new free running pick-up of Lely Welger RP balers has been designed as a result of the increased output from these machines. Improved crop throughput to the bale chamber has eliminated the need for the specific movement of a conventional pick-up. With no cam track the pick-up consists of fewer moving parts. It is more reliable, less sensitive to wear quiet and maintenance free.

The baler and the Bale Net Wrap form a complete set for  the pick-up. 

Aluminum window screen

Window Sreen 1 Window Screen

An introduction of aluminum window screen, while Bod provides plastic knitted window screen.

Aluminum Window Screen is also called magnalium wire netting or aluminum wire netting. The aluminum screens have a protective coating that prevents corrosion and strengthens the mesh. It is weaved by the al-alloy wire which contained magnesium and the color is silvery white. Aluminum window screen is more expensive than fiberglass bug and insect screening but much more durable. It may be cut or trimmed with scissors. Aluminum window screen can be coated to green, silver gray, yellow and blue by the epoxy resin, so it also named epoxy resin aluminum wire netting.

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Fresh british beans and peas are quite popular with its good taste protected by pea and bean net while growing.

Fresh beans and peas are in season in Britain throughout the summer, from June to September, and are currently enjoying a welcome revival in popularity. With celebrity chefs extolling their virtues and food writers getting excited about seasonal legumes, the past few years have seen us podding and slicing our way through fresh beans and peas with renewed gusto.People also use Pea and Bean Net to protect the fresh and complete taste of the food.


Raschel bag systems

Rashel Bags On Roll L Pomelo Net Bag L

If you know something about plastic packing products, you must have found the advantages in using then. And, there might be various types, like raschel net bag, extruded net bag, which is a popularity and tubular net bag, etc.

Raschel bag systems are the cheapest, lightest, and the strongest systems to pack the vegetables and fruits. Automatic packing systems are tested before production and presenting to the markets.

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Mesh Bag & Auto Packing

Extruded Net Bag Roll

Fresh solutions to increase sales of packaged produce, like extruded net bags.

Innovative, reliable, high speed packaging machines are the key to a successful automated packing line. Whether it's extruded net bag, polyor paper, the bod line has a packaging machine to suit your needs. Our bagger's can be interfaced with the Sorma line of weigher's as well as most weighing machines available on the market today.

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Bod Bale Net Wrap

Bale Net Wrap 2

What kind of bale net wrap we have, features of our bale net wrap.

Secure your crop and achieve perfect round bales with Bod Bale Net Wrap. Whether you want full width or over the side Net Wrapping, Bod Bale Net Wrap has you completely covered. Available in 1.23m in 2100m or 3100m lengths and 1.3m widths in 3100m lengths, there is a Bod Bale Net Wrap to suit all baler models. Check baler manual for maximum allowable width.

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Plastic Mesh for Barrier Fencing

Barrier Fencing Net 6

This article plastic-mesh-for-barrier-fencing gives a detailed introduction of the usages of Plastic Mesh for Barrier Fencing. And the features: manufactured from high density polyethylene and UV stabilized and rot resistant, the barrier fencing net have.

Plastic Mesh for Barrier Fencing is a high strength extruded plastic fencing mesh designed to offer essential protection for crops, nurseries, house farmed animals & gardens from destructive winds, driving rain and drifting snow. The Windbreak mesh should be erected by battening to wooden fence posts, or by battening to existing chain link fencing around sports grounds. Battening ensures that the forces exerted onto the wind break mesh filaments are spread evenly ensuring that the mesh will not tear. The windbreak mesh will offer maintenance free protection.

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Overview of San Diego Industry

Mesh Sleeve 2

This article mainly talks about the growing history of auto part industry in china since 2002. The annual automobile production volume is rapidly growing from 2002. The  industry grows in low wages and heavy local demand. In 2007, China is the second largest auto parts exporter to the U.S..

For 2002 and 2003, China’s total vehicles output has been growing at roughly 36.5%. By 2005, the annual automobile production volume was more than 5.5 million vehicles, while the sales of auto parts was 500 billion, increased by 18.67% compared with that in the year 2004. At the same time, top carmakers such as General Motors and Ford Motor plan to increase buying parts in China for their global production in the next few years to offset rising costs and cut-throat competition.

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Some introduction of Auto Parts

Mesh Sleeve 2

From the information following, we can see auto parts industry is growing in our country. With this situation, other related industry, like plastic mesh which produces protective mesh sleeve to give a coat to the precise part is developing as well.

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Mesh Bag & Chicken Marination

Meat And Poultry Bags 1 Meat And Poultry Bags 4

Introduction of bod meat and poultry bags which are kind of extruded net like extruded net bags.

Bod Meat and Poultry Bags and overwraps have been chosen by top food industry users for more than forty years, including the major producers of turkey, ham, and other meat products.  Extruded mesh bags offers a wide range of extruded plastic netting products for processing, cooking and smoking meat and poultry. Extruded mesh netting varieties include polypropylene and polyethylene, single-strand and multi-strand designs, precut overwraps, heat-sealed bags, and roll stock.

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Auto Parts

Mesh Sleeve 1 Mesh Sleeve 2

Standards auto parts should meet before marketing, better protected in protective mesh sleeve.

Some imported auto parts must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and be certified by the manufacturer. For example, child restraint systems, warning devices, rear impact guards and brake hoses must all be manufactured to FMVSS specifications before they can be imported. This satisfies safety requirements for crash avoidance due to car parts being imported and/or installed in United States vehicles. A complete list of FMVSS and what each auto part requires is available on the Government Printing Office website under 49 CFR 571, Code of Federal Regulations.

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Pallets and Accessories

Pallet2 Pallet Net Wrap L

This article first tells us the usage and structure of the pallet. We have kinds of lifting tools. And kinds of material of pallet. Pallet accessories like pallet puller and covers are good additions. Pallet net wrap are used with pallets to load and unload goods effectively.

A pallet is a platform that is used to support and transport goods and heavy materials. It is sometimes refer to as skid. This structure is often used in commercial enterprises such as but not limited to warehouses, storage facilities, retail stores, factories and pharmaceuticals.

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A coastal mussel farm in France

Mussel Aqua Dualnet8 B

This aticle shows us various dishes of mussel. Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of mussel, mussel farming net does a great help in packing and feeding mussel, that’s how we can taste these dilicious mussel dishes bellow.

Douzaine de Moules Crues (La )– A dozen raw mussels. This will be part of a raw seafood raw menu. These mussels will probably be served with just a slice of fresh lemon and maybe black pepper.     

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Pallet Pallet11

A pallet is commonly used to load,unload,transport and storage goods. that is the pallet's application. The importance of pallet in our life is to effectively reduce the labor and cost. while it's also important to keep the pallet stable with pallet net wrap. The pallet and the forklift make the loading and unloading much easier than manualwork.

Pallet is a platform for facilitating the loading and unloading of goods, transport, storage and distribution, and also a cargo board of forklift. It is the most inconspicuous tool but a very common one in the logistics industry and the main means of turning the goods from static to dynamic state. Though it is only one square meter in size, it moves the whole earth"! It is also called "active ground", moving platform."

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Pacific Oyster Aquaculture


This article pacific-oyster-aquaculture-in-south-australia tells the hard raising history of pacific oyster. The first attempt to raise oysters in South Australia. The Native oyster farming failed. Then introduced a native species of Japan. Now present day Pacific oyster farming activities are based in five major areas becoming a major economic contributor. You can see mussel farming net everywhere.

The first attempts to cultivate oysters in South Australia were those by Chief Inspector Randall in Proper Bay from 1910 to 1912 (Grove-Jones 1986). These attempts it seems, were instigated by poor catch rates of the native, mud or flat oyster, Ostrea angasi and an attempt to re-stock natural populations.

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Carbon Filter Safety Tips


In modern society, there are more and more advanced technology occurs to our life and working. For instance, carbon filter is one kind of safety engineering devices in the workplace. And carbon filter, which must be well-packed in mesh sleeve during transportation or storage, is very important for everyone to use in their work or life. Thus, just like using mesh sleeve to protect carbon filter in advance, we should know what is the safety of carbon filter exactly.

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Plastic Net Bags

Extruded Tubular Net 3 Heal Sealed  Net Bag

This article is to make a thorough introduction on plastic mesh bags from the define, the production processing, the application, etc. aims to help end users to recognize different mesh bags and find the right one to use.

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Are You Looking For Fastener Sleeve?

Protectivenettingheavyduty Lg

A short history about fastener sleeve and we offer good fastener sleeve.

Are you looking for something that protects the fastener? If the answer is “yes”, I’m sure that the thing you need is fastener sleeve.

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Further cognition about our products

Auto Parts Sleeve Mesh


This is a further cognition about our products like protective mesh sleeve,raschel bag,etc.

Before I just knew what is plastic net bags, what is protective sleeve, what is bath scrunchie, and what is anti bird netting. I didn’t know their specification and didn’t know how to reach the same opinion about the products with customers.


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Formation of plastic mesh

Extruded Plastic Net Bag

Introduction of types of plastic netting which is widely used in fruit and vegetable packaging.

The plastic netting is processed and made of polyethylene and polypropylene. It has the performances of wear-resisting, corrosion-resisting, fine toughness and long service life. With economic cost, plastic mesh is used in replacement of metal wire mesh in many areas.

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Net bags

Garlic Mesh


The article net-bags shows the advantages of net bags, such as weight, strongness. And net bags are cheap in price with a wide range of application. The net bags also have the goodness of reusable.


These net bags, manufactured using either polypropylene or polythene, provide excellent product visibility with light weight and high strength.

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I Love Plastic Net Bags

Tubular Mesh

This article first mentions the material of plastic net bags who are becoming widely used in our daily life. Then shows the applications in our usual life for packaging. And plastic net bags have many advantages in packing food.

Plastic net bags, which are made of PE and PP are one of bags and can be used to pack articles inside. Most people may ignore plastic net bags, because we usually pack articles with poly bags. But now I want to tell you plastic net bags are also very important and widely used in daily life.

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Window screens Compare

Window Screen

This article mainly talks on which on to choose, plastic window screen or wire window screen? Then, after analisis,comes out that plastic window screen is a better choise.

Just as mentioned in the title, what answer will you choose? Maybe most people will select the later—wire window screen. Compare plastic window screen and wire window screen, it’s obvious they have different material: the former one is made of plastic and the latter one is wire. And we also think wire is firmer than plastic. So choosing wire window screen seems inevitable.

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Uses of Debris Safety Netting

Debris Safety Netting 5

Made of lasting plastic materials, heavy debris netting has excellent strength to protect you from falling down and being hurt. Colors for debris safety netting. Plastic are striking, which helps to warn in building sites especially.

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US demand for extruded plastic mesh

Garlic Mesh

40 billion pounds in 2011 US demand for extruded net bag is forecast to rise 2.7 percent annually to ne-arly 40 billion pounds in 2011, valued at over $32 billion (resin content only). Resins will account for 40 percent of extruded plastic product costs. Extruded plastic advances will reflect the processes’ cost effectiveness, high throughput rates, technology improvements, processing ease and high volume uses. Further growth will be threatened by a slumping residential building construction segment. Extrusion will account for 42 

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Prevent Birds from Destroying Nature

Anti Bird Net1

An old saying, the early bird catches the worm. Hence we know birds eat worms. But birds eat not just worm, they also destroy fruit, crop, corn, etc. Birds destroy people’s labor work, people certainly will prevent them. 

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Auto Parts Sleeve

 Mesh Sleeve

The use and goodness about protective mesh sleeve.

Auto Parts Sleeve is one of the main types in protective mesh sleeve category. As we know, auto parts are kind of precise parts, it is important to keep it away from friction when manufacture, storage, and transport. Our protective sleeve is just made for this purpose.

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Bath Scrunchie

Bath Scrunchie 01

Introduction and specifications of bath scrunchine, which is a kind of plastic net.

Bath scrunchie, also called bath ball, is a daily commodity in our life. A fine bath scrunchie saves your money and make your bath a time of enjoyment. We are a professional bath scrunchie/bath ball manufacturer from China.

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Turf Reinforcement Mesh

Rainforcement Net

There is another name for grass protection mesh, namely grass reinforcement plastic mesh. grass protection mesh is a heavy duty, thick extruded thermoplastic grid for protecting and reinforcing grassed areas prone to becoming muddy and rutted in wet conditions.

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Tree Guard

Spiral Tree Guard

Install 60cm of protection to your valuable young trees and disappoint hundreds of rabbits in the process with the UV-stabilised polypropylene Flexi-Mesh Tree Guard. Held firmly in position with two integral stake ties, the guard allows young trees to grow unhindered and is easily adjusted up to a maximum of 9cm diameter. Pack of 10.

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Windbreak Fencing

Mono Shade Net

Plastic windbreak fencing is also called shade net  which is designed to provide a reliable and long-lasting cover for the growing plants, seedlings, etc. This windbreak fencing is suitable for open areas, glasshouse shading and reducing heat loss in greenhouses (between 5-7%) representing significant savings on fuel costs. Made by extruded net or knitted net, our windbreak fencing can be used as either a shade net or windbreak fencing.

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Deer Mesh Fencing

Deer Fence

Introduction of our deer mesh fencing.

Our tough, polypropylene deer mesh fencing can be attached to posts or stakes to create a quick, temporary fence. At the end of the season, you can just roll the deer mesh fencing back up again. Features:

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Plastic Drainage Net

Drainage Net

This article gives introduction of Plastic Drainage Net. The material, shape of opening,excellent chemical resistance are given to know. The the features like Cost Effective,increasing space within the landfill and others are mentioned.

Our drainage nets is also called filtering net ,which are composed of two bonded, overlapping HDPE strands that form diamond shaped openings. The drainage nets are manufactured to allow planar flow of fluids along the plane of the net. This is accomplished by creating open channels along the net that allow flow. Drainage nets show excellent chemical resistance and can replace one or more feet of conventional drainage aggregate.

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Protective Sleeve

Protective Mesh 3

Protective Mesh Sleeve is a range of extruded tubular net sleeves that are ideal for shielding delicate objects through manufacture, storage, transport and protecting machined parts, sanitary furniture, bottles and gas canisters etc.

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Features of Pallet Net Wrap


Pallet net wrap is a netting material made from polyethylene film -- a tough and rugged wrap designed for holding pallet loads. It is safe to use, easy to dispose of, or it can be recycled. The open mesh design of Pallet Net Wrap offers unrestricted flow of air around the pallet load, minimizes damage and product spoilage caused by trapped condensation or rapid changes in temperature.

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Plastic Filtration Net

Filtering Net1

This article talks about meshes as filtering nets. The usage of plastic filtering net is working as supporting or protection of medi. And their are variety of plastic meshes meeting the requirements.

Produce a wide variety filtering net/mesh / media, including extruded thermoplastic mesh structures for use in the filtration industry. Meshes are widely used in the support or protection of media in pleated filter elements and feed spacer mesh in membrane filters. Several polymers can be used in filter nets and a very wide range of mesh sizes and configurations are possible.

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The Advantages of Anti Bird Netting

Anti Bird Netting66

Anti bird netting,Simple in structure, durable, high quality and inexpensive, with multiple protective functions for avoiding the damage of birds and insects,is a mesh product designed to exclude the birds and therefore stop the expensive losses they can inflict on your crop.

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My Surprise on Window Screen

Window Screen

This article talks about the writer's first exprience of plastic mesh which impressed her. plastic window sreen is a better choice than wire window screen. From then, the writer decides to open her mind and heart to see the world, and leard a good lesson.

One day my colleague and I passed by a shop. The workers were installing plastic mesh into a frame. At that time I just felt strange, seeing the plastic mesh. The color of the plastic mesh is grey and it looks like wire netting. Because now I work in a company, which specializes in plastic mesh, that is, I know something about thewindow screen the workers are fixing, I touched the window screen to see what its material is. The result is different from my thought. It’s plastic window screen rather than wire window screen. At the same time, I felt plastic mesh is wizardly that it has the function.

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About Mesh Sleeve

Bottle Sleeve

Protective sleeve mesh is a range of extruded tubular plastic net sleeves that are ideal for shielding delicate objects. It can cover around protecting machined parts and  bottles, etc .  It protects not only objects but also hands from being damaged by objects, like some small  industrial equipment.As the protective mesh sleeves are decorative, they can be used in industry, transport and retail.

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The Introduction of Window Screen

Window Sreen 1

Window screen, also written as window screen/insect screen/insect mesh, is stretched in a frame of wood or metal, designed to cover the opening of an open window. Its primary purpose is to keep insects, leaves, debris, birds, and other animals from entering a building or a screened structure such as a porch, while permitting fresh air-flow.When it comes to ventilation, there’s nothing quite as natural as just opening the windows.  Then again, opening windows only makes sense if outdoor temperatures are comfortable and if the openings are protected by screens.

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Barrier Fencing Systems

Barrier Fencing Net 6

Advantages snd usage of three kinds of barrier fencing products. Barrier fencing mesh are very helpful.

There are three kinds of barrier fencing products.

Barrier fencing mesh is an extruded barrier mesh for cordoning off areas on construction sites, railways and sporting events etc. Plastic fencing mesh is available in orange, blue, green and yellow. Manufactured in various weights and grades to suit application.

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Bird Deterrent Systems

Anti Bird Netting00


A kind of bird deterrent systems, bird spikes help. And anti-bird netting also helps to keep birds away.


The most effective bird deterrents on the market are the bird spikes offered by Deterapigeon. These highly effective, safe and economical bird spikes are the best bird deterrent on the market as they provide real protection from nesting birds.


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Packing for Fruit

Extruded Netpacking


Three kinds of packing ways are provided according to the needs. You can choose the package according your grade of the goods,price of the packages.Usually we pack fruit in plastic net bags.


We often see the three kinds: plastic net bags, cartons, fruit baskets.


We know different packing mean different grade. Fruit packed with plastic net bags is cheaper than fruit packed with cartons, and fruit in fruit

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Plastic Mesh Sleeve

Protective Netting Standard Lg


From its name, we can know it’s both mesh and sleeve. In fact, we have seen mesh sleeves in daily life. When we buy apples packed with cartons and open the carton, we’ll see apples lined with mesh sleeves. Some of the raki bottles are also packed by plastic protective mesh sleeve.


Then what is plastic mesh sleeve and what is its function?


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Bath scrunchie and the soap

Bath Scrunchie 01

Bath scrunchie is very useful in daily life, which is a kind of extruded net.


Before we just daub soap or shower gel on our bodies with our hands. But usually it is difficult to dissolve soap or shower gel and the process need much time. Later bath scrunchie help us to enjoy our bath quichly.

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Pea&Bean Net-the Must for Your Garden

Pea Bean Net 3

The main function of pea bean net is to support them to grow in the air helping plants or croppers grow. The net let plants or croppers grow freer because of its hole without restriction.

Some plants or croppers have no haulms or their haulms are thin, and their haulms may be long, so the plants or croppers can’t grow up straight. But if let them grow lying on the ground, they can be rotted. So it is necessary to support them to grow in the air. Now there is one convenient way to help plants or croppers grow. There is a mesh—pea and bean net。

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Windbreak Fences

Shade Net 2

Winter wind protection and use of summer breezes to advantage are essential to successful feedyard operation. Cold drafts and winds promote stress and re- strict normal cattle production. Research on wind effects on cattle has shown that hair coat, color, and sunshine all have an influence on their heat losses.

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Locations of Windbreak Fences

Shade Net 2

Since each feedyard has its own peculiar location and operation situation, it is usually different than the feedyard “down the road.” Consequently, it is difficult to give any “pat” recommendations on wind- break locations. Some research, however, and considerable observation and experience at feedyard sites have shown certain location items about windbreaks that can be applied to different situations. Wind sweeping around the corners of buildings, silos, or ends of windbreaks or other barriers can cause drafts a considerable distance away. The velocity of wind increases 10 to 20 percent and even higher when it goes around the end of a shelterbelt. Remember that a windbreak fencing does not stop the wind. It simply deflects it. Consequently, the windbreak directs the wind off to someplace else. When locating windbreak fencings, arrange and locate them so the winter wind will “flow” away or otherwise not adversely affect cattle eating, watering, or resting areas. 

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Construction of Windbreak Fences

Shade Net 3

Introduction on windbreak fencing and how the windbreak fencing works.

As previously explained, several different types of windbreak fencing are used. These mainly include solid fences, slatted fences, and snow fencing. However, hay stacks, piles of dirt and snow, buildings, trees, and other types of barriers should be utilized when possible. A minimum height of 10 feet is recommended for a windbreak fencing. With slatted or porous type construction, this provides good wind protection over 100 feet downwind. A higher fence can be built and effective windbreak distance (and shade) increased. This requires heavier, costlier construction, however, to withstand wind forces. 

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What Is Gutter-Mesh

Rainforcement Net

The main function of Gutter-Mesh is to improve the lifespan of roof guttersand and allows rainwater to pass through. And the gutter mesh has features like Self Cleaning, keep the rainwater flowing freely off your roof and others.

Gutter-Mesh improves the lifespan of roof gutters by preventing leaves blocking and rusting out gutters. Gutter-Mesh allows rainwater to pass through while leaves and other debris is blown or washed off by the weather.

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How does Gutter-mesh Work

Rainforcement Net

The article: How does Gutter-mesh Work shows a newly desighed gutter mesh with a little difference to others; intoduces the advantages and potential concerns. And we can get to know how it looks like from the description, how it works. Also tell us some additionnal goodnesses of using gutter mesh. 

The micro-mesh approach does a better job overall. The basic theory is the same but smaller holes allow for less trapping and better cleaning by the wind. A company called Gutter Glove makes this type of product.

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How to Install the Gutter Mesh/Guard

Rainforcement Net


This article: how-to-install-the-gutter-meshguard first shows us the function of the mesh guard. The need for this mesh is first suggested by roofing company many years ago. They list the advantages of using gutter meshguard and tell us how to install the mesh guard. The logic design and special way to extend the life of te mesh make the mesh guard different.


An open-mesh guard for roof gutters which fits over the downspout in the leader and prevents the clogging of the downspout by leaves and other debris. The guard is hinged at two locations in order to permit the device to clear the usual roof shingle overhang of the gutters when it is desired to empty the same on the ground. A pole is provided for manually emptying the guard and additionally serves the function of scraping the leaves and other debris from the gutters.

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What is Pea & Bean Net?

Pea And Bean Net 5


Pea and bean net is a plastic square mesh to support garden peas, sweet peas and runner beans.

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About Anti-bird Net

Anti Bird Net 2

Anti-Brid Netting is economical and completely reliable in plant-protection system. Used all year round, it can protect crops against birds, with no influence on insects' vital tasks like pollinating flowers and devouring harmful parasites. It can also let rain reach soil.

Available in rolls of 2m or 4m width, anti-bird-net with diamond mesh can be laid in vast areas quickly and easily. Due to its unique extensibility, it can shape itself among shrubs and trees of irregular shape. The green diamond-mesh structure is particularly effective since it not only presents a visible barrier but, because of its extensibility, also offers an unstable surface, which can frighten flying birds from landing.

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As for barrier fencing mesh

Barrier Fencing Net 5

Barrier fencing mesh, manufactured from high density polyethylene, is an extruded barrier mesh for cordoning off areas on construction sites, railways and sporting events etc. It has premium high strength, high quality, and is permanent heavy duty fencing mesh.

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Information of Pallet Net Wrap

Pallet Net Wrap 7

This article gives introduction of two kinds of pallet net wrap. The pallet net wrap is very convenient to pack irregular articles. Then shows how pallet net wrap can be used manually. The pallet net wrap can also replace stretch film to pack good.

Pallet Net Wrap is using for Pallet Packing. There are two kinds: manual packing net and automatic packing net.

No matter wrapped loads have irregular shape or are incomplete, pallet net wrap will hold the loads firmly, gripping every curve and covering every gap. Pallet net wrap can help the loads arrive safely at its destination.

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Food packing

Extruded Plastic Net Bag

Plastic net bags for food packaging.

There are many types in food packing, such as boxes,cartons,opp bags and so on. But the most widely used in plastic bags. Thinking of your typical onion bag or plastic net bags.Used by farmers,gardeners and foresters. Net bags are made from plastic and usually have a drawstring closure.

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Plastic Mesh Overview

Sealed Net Bag 3

Bod extruded plastic mesh & nets are manufactured in China from the highest quality polymers through a unique thermoplastic extrusion process to produce many variations of thermoplastic nets.

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Live and plastic net bags

Sealed Net Bag 3

The article Live and plastic net bags shows us the plastic net bags are more and more widely used in our daily lives. And tells what kind of plastic net bags we offer from aspects like size, colour,loading weight,etc. Then talks on the advantages of using plastic net bags.

Nowadays, plastic net bags are widely used and it gradually goes into people’s lives. If you like shopping and always go to the supermarket, It is easy to find the sealled plastic net bags for loading .our sealed plastic net bags are made of PP and PP, the plastic net bag can be extruded into different mesh sizes. The quality is out of question. Normally, the max loading capacity of the plastic net bag is between 5 to 10kg. But actually it can load more than 10kgs. That is why I say the sentence that the quality is out of question.

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Maybe you should know

Rain Flower Pepple

This article mainly talks about the yuhua pebbles and where you can see them. The beautiful packages they are packed in are plastic net bags which have different corlours and features like environmental and recycled.

Many people must have heard about the rain flower terrace, but they may not know rain flower pebbles. The rain flower is also called Yuhua pebbles or River stones; they are not rain, nor flowers. They are stones, which are famous all over the nation.It mainly produced in Nanjing. If you have been to Nanjing, You must know the rain flowers terrace, and then you must know the rain flower pebbles. Many of them are very beautiful and expensive. But some are not, you can buy some small beautiful and special stones. If you are a careful person, you will find the package is also very good.

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Plastic Net Bag for Turtle

Shelled Net 1

This time, I’m going to talk about the plastic net bag for soft-shelled turtle. This kind of plastic net bag is designed for soft-shelled turtle. It is not only very fit for loading soft-shelled turtle, but also very convenient to people to take away. It is non-toxic, portable, ventilate and economical.

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Why Plastic Net Bags?

Heal Sealed  Net Bag

With the rapid development of the society, more and more products have been invented. For example, plastic net bags, which come from plastic bags, are the most representative. The plastic net bags are made of the plastic particles, which include two materials, PP and PE. So why do people invent the plastic net bags? Isn’t the plastic bags good enough? No, definitely not. They have different purposes and different features. The plastic bags are just for loading things and then people take them from one place to another. Even though it is very convenient to people, It is not strong enough and unfriendly to the environment. A few years ago, our government announced some provisions that limited the markets to using the plastic bags because of polluting the environment

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