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  • Vert Bag
    This is a technical product of prime quality; this sack is realized with a flat net by means of a welding and has got a personalized and advertising part. It is meant for the food industry and is provided with an excellent strength and a high quality of raw material.
  • Mesh Sleeve 1
    Protective mesh sleeve is one of the main types in protective sleeve category. As we know, auto parts are kind of precise parts, it is important to keep it away from friction when manufacture, storage, and transport.it is the same as flat and sealed net bag .it is also used to protect wind bottle,china,cabon filter cartridge.
  • Extruded Net Bag Roll
    Extruded net bags are originally used for fruits and vegetable packing. Because the net structure was shaped by tooling, the extruded net bag would be much stiffer than the knitted tubular net bag, it is playing more and more important role in agricultural industry, especially for crab and oyster breeding.
  • Net Bag With Iron Shelf 1
    Net bag with iron shelf can be offered according to the customer’s require,the shelf can be also ordered from us.the length of the sealed net bag with iron shelf is usually 15 inches, the process of this kind of product is as follows: .stretch its two sides at the open end of the sealed net bag .make the two sides put into the two poles of the iron shelf
  • Tubular Net Bag 1
    PE Knitted tubular nets are used to automatic packaging of vegetables and fruits.,such as orange,pomelo,etc.it is a kind of knitted net as bale net wrap andpallet net wrap.
  • Filtering Net
    Filtering net is widely used in the support or protection of media in pleated filter elements and feed spacer mesh in membrane filters. Several polymeres can be used in filter nets and a very wide range of mesh sizes and configurations are possi
  • Pea Bean Net 3
    pea and bean net is a green, extruded polyethylene mesh netting and is ideal for plant support - with runner beans particularly benefiting from the netting when draped over a frame. Pea and bean net is economical.it is also a kind of plastic mesh. This pea and bean net is rot proof and UV stabilized and should offer you several seasons of use.
  • Bale Net Wrap
    Bale Net Wrap is a netting material made from polyethylene yarn by raschel loom machine. It has the same knitting pattern with pallet net wrap and the only difference is on the weight. The pallet net wrap is normally around 4g/m, while the bale net wrap should be over 6g/m.
  • Raschel Bag Automatic Packing Machine 2
    Raschel net bag is one of the best-selling products. Our rashel bag is made of PE and PP. it is mainly used to packing potatoes ,garlic and other vegetables,the net bags can be extruded into different mesh sizes. and the reasonable distribution of the mesh make the net bags more efficient to load the potatoes.it is also a kind of knitted net as pallet net wrap and tubular net.
  • Barrier Fencing Net 5
    Safety fence is also named as warning barrier and snow fence. The main color is orange, designed for warning. It adopts PE as major raw material with UV added in manufactured through plasticizing. It is featured with high strength, ageing resistance, anti-corrosion, softness and portability, and recycle. The main mesh is rectangular and oval.
  • Pallet Net Wrap
    pallet net wrap is a netting material made from polyethylene film -- a tough and rugged wrap designed for holding pallet loads. It is safe to use, easy to dispose of, or it can be recycled. The open mesh design of Pallet Net Wrap offers unrestricted flow of air around the pallet load, minimizes damage and product spoilage caused by trapped condensation or rapid changes in temperature.it is also a kind of plastic knitted net as bale net wrap.

Bird Deterrent Systems

Anti Bird Netting00


A kind of bird deterrent systems, bird spikes help. And anti-bird netting also helps to keep birds away.


The most effective bird deterrents on the market are the bird spikes offered by Deterapigeon. These highly effective, safe and economical bird spikes are the best bird deterrent on the market as they provide real protection from nesting birds.


Controlling nesting birds is a real issue for homeowners and business owners. Nesting pigeons and other birds poses not only a health hazard but also nesting birds cause significant property damage. Finding an effective bird deterrent is important, however, it is also important that the nesting bird deterrent also be safe and humane. Defender 4T pigeon spikes by Deterapigeon are the perfect bird deterrent for pigeons and all nesting birds.

This anti bird netting made of bird spikes are nearly invisible once installed. These incredible pigeon spikes are an effective bird deterrent that prevents birds from nesting on your roof, ledge, fence or anywhere else they are installed. These bird deterrents are a strip of dense spikes made out of stainless steel that prevent birds from nesting on your property without harming the birds.

Defender 4T pigeon spikes by Deterapigeon are economical and the most effective bird deterrent available on the market. These bird deterrent spikes are sold in thirteen-inch strips in boxes containing 40 feet worth of bird deterrent spikes. Defender 4T pigeon spikes are easy to install and provide instant protection from pigeon nesting on your property.

Birds carry a number of different diseases ranging from salmonellosis, tuberculosis and ornithosis. While there is debate in the scientific community as to whether or not birds can directly pass these diseases to humans, the potential risk cannot be ignored.

Birds nesting on your property are a health hazard, cause significant property damage and can be a real nuisance for the homeowner or business owner. Until recently there has not been an effective and safe bird deterrent.

Bird droppings damage buildings, cars and all of your property. Business owners and homeowners have struggled to control bird droppings for many years. Aside from the bird droppings the nesting materials and bird feathers left behind from nesting birds can block drains and gutters and further damage your property.

Homeowners and business owners have been looking for an effective bird deterrent that is safe and will not run them afoul with animal cruelty laws. Bird spikes from Deterapigeon are the perfect bird deterrent to protect your property without posing any danger to the birds themselves.

Companies such as Deterapigeon prides itself on offering only humane ways to deter birds from perching on your property. Our bird deterrent system is safe, effective and easy to install. Our bird deterrent system does not contain any poisonous materials or toxins that can harm children and pets making them safe for all homes and businesses.

Many large buildings and complexes have been using pigeon spikes for several years, previously, they were not readily available for homeowners. Many homeowners were looking for an effective bed deterrent and our bird spikes have proven an effective and economical bird deterrent. Deterapigeon, creators of Defender 4T pigeon spikes now offers these highly effective, cost effective, easy to install pigeon spikes for businesses and homeowners alike.

You can now protect your property, your staff, your families, friends and business contacts with the best bird deterrent on the market and rid yourself of the nuisance and the danger associated with nesting birds. Our bird deterrent system is easy to install and will safely end your problem with unwanted pigeons and other nesting birds. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our effective and safe bird deterrent. 

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