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Bod plastics provides the best cost effective pallet net wrap to the world!

Pallet net wrap is a netting material made from polyethylene yarn -- a tough and rugged wrap designed for holding pallet loads. It is safe to use, easy to dispose of, or it can be recycled. The open mesh design of Pallet Net Wrap offers unrestricted flow of air around the pallet load, minimizes damage and product spoilage caused by trapped condensation or rapid changes in temperature.

Product Sizes:

  • Manually Usage: 20" or 40" wide by 1000 meters on standard 3 inch paper core roll.
  • Automatic Machine Usage: 20" or 40" wide by 3000 meters on standard 3 inch paper core roll.

History of Pallet Wrap

  • 19th Century - People used nylon yarn to tie cargo on the pallet, which is definitely a work of technicals.
  • 20th Century - Pepole made pallet wrap film out of plastic, which is much easier to use, and soonly wins the consumers wordwide.
  • Year 2000 - A small machine for automaticly packing for pallet wrap film was invented, thus people found it is a easy and also intersting work to use pallet wrap film to wrap the pallet.
  • Year 2006 - Bod plastics started with its featured product - pallet net wrap, which is a kind of knitted netting produced by raschel machine. It was approved to be an excellent product in the pallet wrap industry that gives enough space for vegetabes and fruits breath in the meantime get everything tightly Secured on the pallet.
  • Year 2010 - Bod plastics successfully produced its bonus pallet net wrap - the pallet net wrap with elasticity so called as flex-net wrap. The flex-net wrap is having elasticity in the length direction only. When stretching, the flex-net wrap is able to secure the cargo more stable on the pallet, and thus is a perfect pallet wraping product in the industry.

Pallet Net Wrap VS Pallet Wrap Film

  • No restriction to air flow
  • Performs well in all temperatures
  • Labels and printing remain visible
  • Retains load during transit
  • Easily tied off - no need for clips or fasteners
  • Compact for disposal or recycle


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