Debris Safety Netting

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Bod plastics provides the best cost effective debris safety netting to the world!

Debris safety netting is made from UV stabilized polyethylene monofilaments. The open mesh construction of the debris safety netting reduces wind loading on scaffold structures and improves site safety by reducing the risk of small objects or debris from falling outside the working area.

The debris safety netting is ideal for indoor and outdoor application


· Knitted high density polyethylene (HDPE) scaffold net;

·1.83mX50/100m,2.44X100m,3.66 X100m in rolls or in sheet or other size;

· Max. Width:5.3meters;

· Any color is available (Dark green, Black, Green, Blue are common colors);

· 80 to 320 grams per square meter; · UV treated.

Sizes Available
2m x 50m
3m x 50m
2m x 100m
3m x 100m

Debris Safety Net Debris Safety Netting 4

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