Pea and Bean Net

Pea And Bean Net 5 Pea And Bean Net

Bod plastics provides the best cost effective pea and bean net to the world!

Extruded pea and bean net is a product from plastic extrusion. Been extruded with high pressure, the plastic liquid running out of the die with a shape of netting. Bod plastics orients the mesh structure both in the cross direction and machine direction to make it into a square mesh with high strength but light weight.



Extruded pea and bean net is a green, extruded gardening polyethylene mesh and is ideal for plant support especially for runner beans benefiting from the netting when draped over a frame. High strength, light weight, rot proof and UV stabilized make extruded pea and bean net the best you can find in the market.


Material: LDPE/HDPE/U.V.
Mesh size: 130mm*130mm
Weight: 10 gram
Width (Diameter): 1.7m
Colors: black/white/red/green/brown


Material: LDPE/HDPE/U.V.
Mesh size: 150mm*150mm
Weight: 8 gram
Width (Diameter): 2m
Colors: black/white/red/green/brown



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