Net Bags With Iron Shelf

Net Bag With Iron Shelf 1 Net Bag With Iron Shelf 3

Bod plastics provides the best cost effective net bags with iron shelf to the world!

Extruded Net bag with iron shelf can be offered according to the customer’s requirethe shelf can be also ordered from us. The length of the sealed net bag with iron shelf is usually 15 inches.

 The process of this kind of product is as follows:stretch its two sides at the open end of the sealed net bags make the two sides put into the two poles of the iron shelf.

Our normal iron shelf can hold about 250 pcs of the extruded net bags, the finished product looks very regular and beautiful,it takes much more convenience for you to use. Of course,other sizes can be also available from us, expecting for your cooperation!

Net Bag With Iron Shelf 1 Net Bag With Shelf 

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