Mussel Farming Net

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Bod plastics provides the best cost effective mussel farming net(mussel aquaculture plastic mesh) to the world!

Extruded net is the best you can have for mussel farming! Bod plastics is supplying the world with its top quality mussel aquaculture mesh with various size and tensile strength for various applications such as oyster breeding,shell fish breeding, and sea food cultivation. The top quality material makes this product resistant to temperatures lower than -20 °C.

The particuar kind of meshes, with different dimensions and thicknesses allows this category of nets to resist to strong stress caused by possible seastorms without any collapse. This mesh has been tested successfully in making strings for mussel aquaculture with a capacity of product superior to 40kg -80 kg.

It is used with the “French method”: the net winds round the poles of farm where the mussels socks are held on; it is used for strengthening and maintaining the mussels during their growth, by avoiding the loss of product due to detachment or caused by predators that eat the mussels.

We also use a knitted net made by cotton  that is hauled up over mussels in the Lagoon and Marine farming; the net is put inside our net model Marine and Lagoon and, during the growth of mussels, it breaks and melts away; consequently the clumps are held in by the plastic net only.

We has manufactured a new type of double net in order to optimize the processing inside mussel aquaculture sector. The technical feature of this net allows:

  • to eliminate some phases during the mussels production with a conspicuous timesaver;
  • to avoid loss of product, as this type of net allows to reuse the loose mussels that previously were thrown away;
  • to obtain a product more consistent.

This is a tubular net bag made of extruded polypropylene with double-structured meshes. The external part of the mesh, which has a rhomboidal shape, is manufactured with a string of larger diameter that makes the net very resistant also offshore. The internal part of the mesh, with little rhombus realized with a thinner string, allows:

  • to avoid the instant leakage of mussels;
  • the mussels to lacerate the net during their growth.

The materials and colourings used are suitable for the production of food stuffs as required by the laws in force.

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