Meat and Poultry Bags

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Bod plastics provides the best cost effective meat and poultry bags to the world!

Extruded plastic net bag plays important roles in the packaging and processing of meat and poultry. Bod plastics provides a complete solution on this industry by offering high resistant extruded net bags for packaging while heat resistant extruded net bag for marination procedure of the poultry, such as chickens and ducks.

One type is particularly soft and resistant and is used for packaging ham, bacon, cheese and other kinds of processed meat.

The other type is made of heat resistant materials and is used for cooking processed meat.

Those types of extruded plastic net bags is usually supplied in spools, or in pieces cut and clipped or sealed at one end. Bod plastics provides both sealed net bags and rolled net bags for different requirements from cusotmers for manual packing and automatic packing purpose.

It has been verified that all the materials and colouring agents used are suitable for handling foodstuffs, as it is required by the EEC rules in force.

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