Extruded Net Bag (roll)

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Bod plastics provides the best cost effective extruded net bag to the world!

Extruded net bags is a product from plastic extrusion. Been extruded with high pressure, the plastic liquid running out of the die with a shape of netting. Bod plastics orients the mesh structure in the cross direction to make it high strength with light weight. It is already approved that Bod plastics extruded net bag can support more than 10Kg continous weight.

Because the net structure was shaped by tooling, the extruded net bag would be much stiffer than the knitted tubular net bag, it is playing more and more important role in agricultural industry, especially for crab and oyster breeding.

particular kind of the bigger width flat net can be rolled on the shaft which is then to be put on the auto packing machine.in the packing process ,the label can be metal with the net through the heal system of the machine and break away from each other through the cutting device.it is really a fast and simple method for fruit ,vegetable and other food packing with label.

It's for fruit, vegetables, nuts package, especially be used in supermarket, fruit market, farm, etc. Because it is a breathable packing. So that it can keep fruit and vegetable fresh for a long time.

Extruded Tubular Net Extruded Plastic Net Bag

Strong Roll 1 2 Roll Net 1

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