Barrier Fencing Mesh

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Bod plastics provides the best cost effective barrier fencing mesh to the world!

Barrier fencing mesh also known as safety fence, warning barrier and snow fence. The main color is orange, designed for warning. It adopts PE as major raw material with UV added in manufactured through plasticizing. It is featured with high strength, ageing resistance, anti-corrosion, softness and portability, and recycle with the main mesh as rectangular or oval.


The width is in the range from 1m to 1.80m. It is usually packed in rolls in transparent plastic film bags and loosely loaded into the container. Many different mesh sizes and specifications are available.

* Manufactured from PE U.V. stabilized with the rectangular mesh type.
* Re-useable
* Coloured orange etc.
* UV stabilised
* Rot resistant
* chemically insert

* warning barrier
* snow fencing

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