Bod Technology

  • Plastic Extrusion

Extrusion is the base process for all our products. Melted under high temperature, the plastic is pushed hardly by the screw, and so running rapidly out of the extruder into the die head.

For extruded plastic mesh, there is a couple of toolings installed inside of the die. One is named outer tooling while the other called inner tooling. These two tooling installed shoulder by shoulder and running in opposite directions when working. When pushed out of the extruder, the melted plastic is asigned into the two toolings respectively and eaqually, thus shaping the plastic mesh structure. Then a cooling system is applied to help maintain and finalize the plastic mesh shape.

For raschel knitted plastic mesh, there is no tooling at all in the die head. The plastic is just running out of the die and shaped in a film. There is a number of small knifes installed on the stretch machine, which cut the film into pieces of yarns. After orientation, these yarns go to lighter and strongger and can be used on the raschel loom machine.

  • Orientation

In the plasitc extrusion industry, orientation means to stretch the plastic raw matieral in either the machine direction, cross direction, or both directions. Orientation is normally processd in high temperature, because it will be much easier for us to reform the plastic molecules link chains. Orientated by high strength in a second under high temperature collected most of the plastic molecules into one direction and thus make the plastic mesh much more stronger than before.

For extruded plastic mesh, we orientate the plastic mesh after its shape finalized by the co-function of extruder and die. It is depend on the finnal application and strength requirement from clients, whether to orientate the plastic mesh in machine direction, cross direction, or both directions. The most typical example for machine direction orientation is the extruded net bags, you can find more info on this by read our "Extruded Tubular Net(roll)". Besides machine direction orientation, we also orientate the extruded plastic mesh in cross direction or both directions. Take the square anti-bird netting as an example, bod plastics orientate the plastic mesh in the cross direction after it has been orientated in the machine redirection. After these two orientation, the plastic mesh goes not only much more stronger than before, and also much lighter, which saves a lot.

For raschel knitted net bag, the yarn is orientated in the machine direction when running out of the die. After orientation, the yarn goes to much lighter and stronger and put on the raschel loom machine for knitting work.200px Trikot

  • Wrap Knitting - Raschel loom machine

There is three types of loom machine in the market, namely the raschel knitted machine, the round knitted machine, and the braiding machine. Bod plastics is foucus on the raschel loom machine, which is the expert on wrap kniting pattern. Warp knitting is a family of knitting methods in which the yarn zigzags along the length of the fabric, i.e., following adjacent columns ("wales") of knitting, rather than a single row ("course"). For comparison, knitting across the width of the fabric is called weft knitting.

Since warp knitting requires that the number of separate strands of yarn ("ends") equals the number of stitches in a row, warp knitting is almost always done by machine, not by hand.

Bod plastics take full use of the above functions and features of raschel loom machine and get successful on producing knitted tubular net and raschel bag.

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